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Philips Norelco Shaver Charging Stands and Other Accessories.

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  • Philips Norelco Shaver Charging Stands and Other Accessories.

    I like Philips Norelco shavers that come with charging stands. Hold the shaver upright and they are a lot less bulky and take up less bathroom counter space than a cleaning stations or the shaver laid down flat. Less expensive too. One of the less expensive Philips shavers with a charging stand is the series 6900 model 6810/82 shaver. List is about $120 USD but I found it new for about $80 on ebay in a slightly damaged package. Insides were perfect. Trying out the stand I also found that it fits the series 9000 model 9721/89 shaver which comes with the SmartClean cleaning station. The 9721 is not a perfect fit but is supported by the stand and makes contact with the charging connector so the stand is fully functional with it.

    Interestingly the cutter heads look to be identical between the $80 Philips shaver and the $240+ list price series 9000 shaver with the digital charge readout and 3 speeds. If they shave the same then the series 6900 is quite a bargain. As I just received the series 9000 unit I will find out shortly. BTW if anyone wants to upgrade a Philips shaver body with the Smart Click head connector then currently there are a lot of series 9700 shaver bodies without the shaving head on eBay for prices of about $70 USD. Listed as "Open Box New".

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    My Philishave Cool Skin HQ7782 that I bought from Mercury Shaver Centre in 2006 came with a charging stand, as well. I bought a friend of mine a Philips S3332/54 as a birthday gift, and it, too, came with a charging stand. As mentioned in another thread, the Norelco 9160XL I had a charging stand with a clock in it, which I thought was cool. Keep us posted as to the shave quality between the two units. Here is a photo of my HQ7782 in the charging stand.


    Click image for larger version

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