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Upgrading A Philips Smart Click Shaver Head.

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  • Upgrading A Philips Smart Click Shaver Head.

    So far as I know the Philips Smart Click shavers all have the same snap on and off head interface. The head and accessories pull off and push on the shaver body, allowing quite a number of accessories from two versions of hair trimmers, a face brush to nose/ear hair trimmers and even a foil cutter body grooming head, and I suspect more. I recently ordered a Philips RQ12PRO head which includes SH90 cutter heads. It is listed on the package as for Series 8000, SensoTouch and Arcitec shavers. Per the series 9000, models 9300, 9500 and 9700 manuals these also take the SH90 cutter heads. This RQ12PRO head should fit ALL Smart Click Philips shaver bodies and provide a cutter heads upgrade for many. The shipped head is complete and even includes a head cover as it may be enough different in shape than the original head on some older models so the original guard will not fit. Merely snap off your old head and push on the new one. The head comes with a instruction sheet for installation considerations for certain shaver models.

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    Good info.



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      One of the best buys I found for the RQ12Pro head assembly is at the link below. A USA eBay seller I have bought from. The RQ12Pro head is apparently discontinued Per the Philips Norelco web site so a lot seem to have been sold off cheap by Philips or distributors. These are complete heads with SH90 cutters and even include a head cover to fit the head. A simple pop-on installation for all Smart Click Philips Norelco shavers and the complete head is currently much cheaper than the SH90 head top assembly which is how it is currently being sold by Philips. Instructions included for some models with special considerations required.


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        That's a great price. ebay is my go-to site for good deals on razor heads. Much cheaper than stores.