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  • Rechargeable Shaver Run Times

    As an ex quality assurance engineer I tend to verify the claims of things I buy. Philips says the run time of the Series 9000 Model 97xx is 60 minutes. I fully charged mine and running at the highest of it's 3 speeds continuously I got 61 minutes run time until it shut off, very close to specified. My 9820/87 Prestige manual lists the same run time from fully charged. Again running in high speed mode continuously I had mine run for 1 hour and 40 minutes before it stopped while claiming 3% charge left. Per the manual it is also supposed to run for an hour but mine far exceeded this. Anyone else actually fully charge a shaver battery and then timed the run time? On a used rechargeable unit this can be a good check of battery condition.

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    I'll time my Philips S5320/08 and report my findings here. It claims 45 minutes of run-time and it has a turbo mode. I'll test both turbo and regular modes.



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      Regular mode: One hour, 23 minutes, 17 seconds.


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        Turbo mode: One hour, 14 minutes, 23 seconds.