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  • Philishave HS555 Review

    I got the Philishave HS555 back in 1993. Its shaving heads have long since been discontinued, but I bought several packages of HQ2 heads while they were still manufactured thanks to a tip from my contact at Philips that they were going to be discontinued soon.


    These old razors are powerful, and the HS555 is no exception. Shaving with it, you can feel how powerful it is. It's loud, but I like that.

    Shave Quality/Closeness

    I can get a full facial shave in just under three minutes. The heads of the HS555 are not lift and cut, but it still gives a very good shave. There are 15 cutters per head with these old razors, and only nine with the new ones, and this is very obvious when using the newer non-lift and Cut razor, the Philishave S3552/89. The HS555 blows it away in terms of closeness and shave quality.


    Some of you may prefer the newer razors' ability to pop open the top and clean it under the tap. I prefer to do things the old-school way. Take the long end of the brush and clean out the hair chamber once a week. Separate one head and cutter set at a time, and brush the cutter with the short end of the brush. I don't even do that part. I just drop one head and cutter and head set at a time into some rubbing alcohol and swirl it around for a few seconds, and repeat with the other sets. That'll remove any hair on the heads. Let the sets dry on a towel and then slide each head set into the grooves of the retaining plate and lock it into the head assembly. This model allows for this, whereas with the newer models, you drop the heads into the head assembly and lock the retaining plate on top of the heads.

    They don't make razors like this one anymore, but as long as I have it and still have heads for it, I'll keep using it. While I don't use it all the time, I like to take it out every so often and use it. It's the best razor I own.


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