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Looking For New Head Razor Recommendation

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  • Looking For New Head Razor Recommendation

    Unfortunately, the BaBylissPRO FoilFX cord/cordless double foil razor has been a major disappointment. With the summer being a scorcher so far, I am really struggling to get a decent shave on my head, even when using a pre-shave lotion. In addition, the combination of shaved hair and pre-shave lotion has really gummed up the cutters of the razor, and the battery issues I was having with the first BaBylissPRO are occurring with the replacement. Therefore, I am looking to switch. Considering the issue with the blades being gummed up with hair/pre-shave lotion specifically, I think a wet/dry razor is the best solution here, so I can shave in the shower without using the pre-shave lotion that has caused the problem. Any recommendations, guys? I'm looking at Braun and Panasonic. Let me know. Thanks!


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    Hi Jim -

    I use the Panasonic ES-LT67 on my head. I think this is what you're looking for. Wet/dry, not too expensive, and a fair amount of bells and whistles that higher end models have. It makes me about ten minutes to shave my head. Just give it a rinse after use and it won't get gummed up.