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Philishave S3552/89 Review

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  • Philishave S3552/89 Review

    On September 23rd, I had my first shave with this razor. Having not been thrilled with Philips' decision to do away with the Philishave name back in 2006, I was over the moon when I realized Philips brought back the name for this 80th anniversary edition in 2019. Considering we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, I made the decision to shave the beard I had worn for several years in order for my N95/KN95 masks to fit better. Enter the Philishave S3552/89.

    Battery Life

    I get 15 shaves from each charge. Philips says I should get 20. I'm not concerned with the number of shaves. 15 is still really good.

    Closeness of Shave

    It should be mentioned here that the heads of this razor are not lift and cut. In addition, the number of cutters has been reduced from 15 (the older models) to nine. Both of these changes affect the closeness of shave. It's not smooth as a baby's face, but it is reasonably close. I have some difficulty with getting a close shave on the neck.

    Time of Each Shave

    It takes around four minutes for each shave. Why? Problem areas (neck, bottom of moustache, chin) require extra passes, resulting in the longer shave time.


    This razor performs reasonably well. It's definitely a budget model (as are all razors in the 3000 series). If you are looking for an ultra-quick shave, the 3000 series isn't for you. If time is not a factor for you, you'll get a decent shave. All of the Philishave 80th anniversary models are made in the Netherlands. Other razors in the 3000 series are made in the Netherlands, and some are made in Indonesia. The 3000 series from the UK are Dutch-made.

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