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The Rules - Please Read

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  • The Rules - Please Read


    You must agree with all the following Rules to participate on these Forums. If you don't agree with them, please don't post!


    These are "family-friendly" forums visited by people of all nationalities, races, ages and backgrounds. These rules (and especially the rules on politeness) are intended to maintain this "family-friendly" atmosphere.

    * Keep the tone and content of your posts respectful and polite (even if you're angry about something).

    * Rudeness and vulgar language have no place on these forums.

    * Do not attack, harass, threaten or insult other forum members, either in public or via PM.

    * Do not try to get around the profanity filters.


    B) Admin decisions are FINAL. If a post has been edited or deleted, a thread locked, a member or service banned etc., that particular issue is closed. Do not post to debate moderator action or to second-guess potential moderator action.

    C) No advertising (except in the links section, where you can drop a link to your website), and no private message spam.

    D) No discussion of illegal activities [hacking, software piracy, theft etc.]. No links to illegal activities, or information on how to find sites that discuss illegal activities.

    E) Do not post the same information two or more times to different Forums (no "cross-posting").

    F) No references to adult sites, or links to adult sites [including Profile links]. You will generally be banned without a warning for breaking this rule.

    G) No discussion of religions or religious philosophies, cultural differences, sex, sexual orientation, freedom of speech, politics and governments. No links to sites or pages specifically about these topics.

    H) No sexism or racism

    I) Do not ask other Forum members for any personally identifiable information (their full name, their address, how old they are etc.) either publicly or via PM, unless they volunteer that information themselves.

    J) Don't post copyrighted content (e.g. news articles) without the permission of the copyright owner. Post the headline, and link to the article instead, or post a brief excerpt.

    K) When in doubt, DO NOT POST!

    L) Finally, ignorance is no excuse. It is a requirement of forum participation that all members read and agree with these rules. It's a total waste of time saying "I didn't read them" after an issue is raised!


    Where possible, a single warning will be issued (either within the problem thread, or via PM or email) if a member breaks a rule.

    If this warning is ignored, the member will most likely be banned and locked out of the forums.

    NOTE: At the discretion of the admin team, no such warning will be issued - members will be banned immediately.