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Philips S5320/08 Review

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  • Philips S5320/08 Review

    The Detachable Head

    The Philips S5320/08 is the first of the "new look" Philips razors that I have used. By "new look," I am referring to the fact that the whole head can be removed, as opposed to the Philishave S3552/89 razor I reviewed in another thread and the older Philips/Philishave/Norelco models. I've used old school Philishave razors for years, and I prefer the fixed-head. The detachable head seems to wobble a bit, and I wonder if it will eventually pop off as I'm shaving.

    Battery Life

    I get 18 shaves from each charge.

    Closeness of Shave

    The razor uses SH50 heads, which are the replacement of the old HQ8 shaving heads introduced back in 2002: a combination of holes and slots. The shaving heads are also bigger than any of the older models I've used, and one thing I don't have to do with this razor to get a close shave under my nose like I do with older models is turn the razor upside down and shave that area with that single bottom head (a tip by original ERR member Chuck Knight back in the day). It gives a really close shave under the nose and all over the face.

    Time of Each Shave

    It takes around two minutes per shave. This model features a turbo button, which speeds up shaving a bit. Most of the models in this series (5000) don't have a turbo button, and you can still get a great shave without it, it will just take a bit longer.

    Hair Chamber

    The hair chamber is really shallow. I understand why, since it is designed to be rinsed out after each shave, but I prefer the deep hair chamber of the old-school Philips razors.

    The Head Retaining Rings

    Something else new to me with these newer models are the blue head retaining rings, as opposed to the spring-locked head retaining plate of the older models. I like the old retaining plate much better. I read online that it took someone hours to figure out how to lock the heads in place using the rings. While it didn't take me that long (it took me five minutes), they're definitely not as easy to use as the old retaining plate. Once during a shave, one of the heads came loose because the head retaining wasn't properly seated.

    Battery Indicator/Head Replacement Indicator

    There are three white battery lights on this model. Shortly after only the bottom white light appears, it will turn orange to indicate it is time to charge it. Some models in the 5000 series have only one light, but as is the case with all of the razors in a particular series, they all shave identically.


    I like the speed and closeness of the shave. I worry about the durability of the shaving head over time, though. I can live with the shallow hair chamber and head retaining rings, though. Both of those things take some time to get used to. I'd recommend any of the 5000 series razors for those of you who want a close shave at an affordable price.


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    I have a couple of the removable head Philips Norelcos and the head is actually designed to be able to flex on the mounting. Helps keep the cutter heads against the skin compared to the old fixed head designs. Multiple accessories are also made that can replace the shaving head including a face cleaning brush, nose and ear hair trimmer, body hair foil shaver head, sideburns trimmer and hair cutter head. What is included varies with shaver model though with a bit of searching some accessories are available separately. I have not heard of the head falling off and the new design adds to the versatility. Unfortunately none of the removable head versions work with the cord plugged into a outlet as they all seem to be designed to be safe to work in a shower.


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      Richwood, thanks for joining us. My Philips S5320/08 came with a click-on sideburn trimmer accessory. I've never tried it. Both the S5320/08 and the S5100/08 can be used plugged-in, but I know others in the 5000 series like the S5090/87 can't be used plugged in. I believe the ability to use removable head Philips/Philips Norelco razors plugged-in was done away with completely with the 6000 removable head series. There is a second generation of the 5000 series, though, seen below, the S5588/81, and it appears all of the 5000 series second generation razors can't be used plugged-in.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	S5588_81-IMS-en_US.jpg Views:	0 Size:	32.0 KB ID:	110


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        The rule of thumb seems to be if the shaver is waterproof as shown by a showerhead symbol on the back of the shaver body then it cannot be used while plugged in. Self electrocution is not allowed by Philips.