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  • Skull Shaver Question

    Hi. I am a lurker turned first-time poster. My question is about the Skull Shaver line of head shavers. Is there any discernible difference between the Pitbull Platinum PRO, Pitbull Gold PRO and Pitbull Silver PRO shavers in terms of shave closeness? Is this the line I should be looking at for shaving my head? Thanks!

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    Todd, welcome to Electric Razor Rap, and thanks for your post. While I've never used the Skull Shaver series, they make three different heads for the above-mentioned razors: the Carver, the Forte, and the Baron. All Skull Shaver models using the Forte heads will shave the same as other Skull Shaver models using the Forte heads, All Skull Shaver models using the Baron heads will shave the same as other Skull Shaver models using the Baron heads, etc. From what I've seen, and this is something I like, the Skull Shaver head assembly can be taken apart and the shaving heads can be separated, allowing for a soak in rubbing alcohol. The heads are definitely not sealed off like with the Chinese head razor I reviewed here a while ago.

    With that said, I've heard that the razors in this line can have battery issues, i.e. the reported battery level shows 100% initially and is then in the 50s a couple of days later. I'm not a big Amazon fan, but if you want one, get it from Amazon and make sure it is shipped by Amazon at the very least. If you have problems with it, you can easily return it. I've heard that dealing directly with Skull Shaver can be a bit of a nightmare if there are quality issues, so avoid buying it from them if at all possible.